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10 Most Common Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make

As a business owner or service provider, your website must have the best possible image for your business. Your website is often the first contact a prospective customer has with your business. Avoid these 10 most common mistakes that businesses make, and you are well on your way to attracting new customers.

1. The most obvious – not having a website

Increasingly people are using the internet to find products or services. If you do not have a website, anyone searching for what you have to offer is obviously not going to find any information on the internet associated with your business or service.

2. Having an old-style, amateur looking, or boring website

Your website is the first thing your prospective customer will see concerning your business. It is easy to have an attractive looking website with all the tools and services available today. It can be done free by yourself or at a very reasonable cost by a professional like Design Marketing.

3. Not having a website that is with clear and easy navigation

People are often in a hurry to find information on what they are looking for, so it is important for them to easily find what they want on your website. Otherwise they will quickly click away to another website.

4. Having fancy graphics and animation

Keep it simple! Too much complicated design in a website slows download time, and uses lots of bandwidth. This is an important consideration for potential customers downloading on slow internet connections or onto mobile devices.

5. Having music or videos that play automatically when website opens.

People like to have control over what they view. If you force them to watch a video or listen to music they may dislike, they will probably click away. There are exceptions, but generally the rule is to encourage visitors to seek more information, not demand that they watch a video.

6. Too many colors and fonts.

Most successful websites have a clean and uncluttered look. Lots of bright colors and different print styles can be distracting and confusing.

7. Forms that Pop Up

Nowadays it is regarded as un-professional and ‘spammy” to have forms that suddenly appear and seem to demand that your customer reads them or make them feel obligated to fill them out.

8. Not having a clear “call to action”.

You must make it easy for your prospective customer to contact you. Whether its by email, telephone or just to get more information, it must be easy for them to do so.

9. Too much information.

Don’t get too technical or complicated with your information. When they first encounter your website, prospects want to know quickly whether you can offer what they want. You can always provide links for them to click on if they want more information.

10. Not providing business contact details or open office hours.

Make sure you have clear instructions on how people can find you or contact you. Letting people know your office hours is essential if you are encouraging them to visit or call your business.

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The day to day operations of your business leaves little time to figure out how all this works and how to implement it to effectively market your business online.

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